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Book of Dead

Play for real money

Welcome to ancient Egypt! Book of Dead gives you a unique opportunity to delve into the local culture and history and find all the lost jewelry of the pharaohs. Get into the ancient tombs of the ancient Egyptian rulers and the temples of local gods to find all the lost treasures. But your main goal is the book of the god Ra, the god of the sun himself! Be sure that you will become rich and famous thanks to your finds when you get out of there. Do not waste time! Search for ancient riches and touch the ancient culture personally!

Book of Dead is a popular slot, and thousands of gamblers choose it every day worldwide. That game will let you relax and have fun and let you learn a little more about history. The slot has an amazing atmosphere that you will feel like a reality! You will get such an impression thanks to the high quality of the slot, where the developers pay a lot of attention to every small detail. You will see excellent decorations and beautiful Egyptian music to make you feel like a real archaeologist. The player will find himself in an ancient temple made of stone in which huge columns rise and give the room grandeur. And ancient Egyptian music will take you back to the time of the pharaohs when they ate fresh fruits and did state affairs. You can also learn more about the Egyptian gods and learn all the secrets in the royal tombs. That is a unique opportunity because you will also receive an impressive amount of gold for all your new knowledge!

Thanks to the beta version, you can also try the slot for free. Or you can start playing for real money right now and start exploring ancient Egypt in full. Book of Dead opens the door to an untouchable world that will make you rich, so play, learn and win as much as you want!