Privacy Policy

Welcome to our world of gambling entertainment! Our casino is working tirelessly to provide its customers with everything they need. We make sure that our customers feel comfortable on our website. Our site collects certain information about its players that helps the site keep the protection system at the highest level. In the end, a person can truly relax and enjoy his favorite hobby to the fullest when he feels completely safe.

Here our clients can study all the information of interest to them. Players have the right to know what kind of data we request, store and process, so we provide them with access to that information. Here you can find topics that will help you better understand the issue:

  • Compliance;
  • Personally Identifiable Information;
  • Disclosure of Use of Your Information;
  • Security;
  • Data Access and Updates.

We advise you to read these points carefully. So you can learn everything you need, and it will also help you not miss anything important.


Our casino's privacy policy complies with data protection legislation. That also includes the UK data protection law, which has been in force since 1998. We regularly check with European Union privacy laws. The company also attaches great significance to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's recommendations.

We take such serious measures to ensure the privacy of our players, as that is of great importance to many. That is one of the main security factors since only reliable employees who know their business have access to our customers' data. Our customers can be completely sure that their data is safe. In addition, we do not stop improving our protection system to prevent any threat options.

Personally Identifiable Information

We primarily collect information about you to identify your personality. That way, we can ensure that you do not threaten the site or our other clients. Likewise, it is one of the methods to keep you safe and protect your account. The site collects personal information about you when you register on our site. That information can help us identify you personally and help us keep in touch with you if we need to contact you. We usually need to know your name, phone number, email, and date of birth. That information will help us to set up and manage your account properly. In addition, that information will allow us to inform you about updates to our website. You will receive information about offers, services, and active promotions.

Please, be careful and be as honest as possible while registering. It is necessary to warn you that all information you provide to us must be reliable and refer exclusively to you and not to any third party. If the data is fictitious, then we will not be able to help you if there is a problem with your account, and using someone else's data is a criminal offense.

Disclosure of Use of Your Information

You automatically agree to our policy if you decide to register on our website. You also agree to the storage of your data on our website. You also allow us to share your information with a third-party company that processes it.

We process your information in the first place to enhance the accessibility of our services to you. For example, before we get access to your certain personal information, you will not be able to place bets or use betting services. We need that to properly diagnose the site and maintain it in the right way.

Your information will also help us prevent breaking the law. For example, our casino does not cater to persons under the age of majority. We have every right to request confirmation that you are of legal age, allowing us to avoid unnecessary difficulties.


We do everything necessary to provide you and your data security through which intruders cannot break through. The gambling house will transmit your information using encryption technologies. After that, we will keep it safe and out of danger with the latest technology that guarantees security. However, we cannot be responsible for any information you provide to us while using our services. By using our site after registration, you automatically accept our privacy policy terms and confirm that you take full responsibility for your account. We are not accountable to you for indirect, punitive, or incidental damages that may occur in case of incorrect handling of your account.

Data Access and Updates

We do not hide from our customers exactly what kind of personal information we store on our site. You always have the opportunity to make a request by which we will send you a copy of the information that we hold. In addition, if you want to refuse to use our site's services and delete all information about yourself, you need to contact us, and the site will delete your information from its archives. However, you should be aware that residual deletion may not be possible due to backup copies of deletion records.

Our gambling hub also reserves the right to change, add and remove information in this site section. Our customers are responsible for checking this page periodically to ensure you don't miss any important updates to the privacy policy. If the client continues to use our site after the update, then he automatically agrees with all the changes that are now present on the site.