Terms of Use

You are always welcome on our website! We are glad that you are in this section of our casino because it means that you have an interest in knowing your rights, opportunities, and the basic rules of our site. We assure you that all the prohibitions in our gambling hub are not because we want to but because it maintains order and allows our customers to avoid difficult and unsafe situations. We do everything possible and necessary to provide our customers with everything they need, but for that, any casino must have a stable system with its own specific rules. Here you will learn what you can and cannot do on our website. For example, here you can find the following information:

  • Applicability of These Terms and Conditions;
  • Opening and Maintaining Your Account;
  • Account Funds;
  • Use of Service;
  • Criminal Activity.

The gambling hub strongly recommends that you study this information carefully to not miss anything important for yourself. That will help you protect yourself from actions that may unknowingly lead to consequences.

Applicability of These Terms and Conditions

If you create your account with us, play, and place bets, we will regard it as if you accept our rules and fully accept them. Using our site and our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our policies and regulations and have no objection to our terms of use. Suppose our conditions do not coincide with a document that duplicates our terms of use. In that case, you should go to our official website and study the original because it is always reliable.

The gambling house reserves the right to update and change our terms of use. If we decide to change our rules significantly, we will notify our customers in our way.

Opening and Maintaining Your Account

Of course, before entering our casino and getting full access to our services, you must first register in our gambling hub. Before that, you will not be able to enjoy everything we offer to the fullest and not be able to place bets.

If you still decide to register on our site, all your information must be reliable. You are personally responsible for ensuring that your address, phone number, and bank details are accurate. If the information is fictitious, we will not be able to identify you and provide the necessary assistance. If that information belongs to another individual, entering that data as your own would be against the law. We check all your personal information following the rules and laws.

Account Funds

To place bets and play for money in our casino, you need to fund your gaming account on our website. Otherwise, you will not have the opportunity to place a cash bet during the game.

You can deposit money into your account only in ways available on our website and which we approve, following our terms and conditions. So, payment solutions cannot advertise, sell or promote without our consent. If you need to get complete information on that topic, you should go to our page about possible payments. You can also find information about our gambling hub's minimum and maximum deposit limits in that section. We recommend reading because that will also be useful for you.

Use of Service

Only those customers who have an account in our casino can make bets. You are also responsible for procuring that all bets and deposits are correct and under our rules. If the bet registration is correct, we will notify you of that, and you will receive a message confirming the registration of the bet.

Once the gambling house accepts and registers your bet, you will no longer be able to change it. We ask you to be careful and make final decisions with no regret, as it will be impossible to change anything. Our client's final decision on a bet is their responsibility, as we reserve the right not to cancel bets.

Criminal Activity

We ban several activities on our site, which are also illegal. For example, such actions are:

  • abuse of our bonuses and offers;
  • misuse an advantage;
  • create a second account;
  • carrying out criminal activities and breaking the law.

We will take all necessary actions to stop the violator. We will identify such actions and transfer the violator's data to the appropriate authorities if the situation so requires. These actions violate our terms and conditions, and if you violate them, you will bear the corresponding consequences. Also, we are not responsible for the damages that may occur due to illegal actions. For that, the entire responsibility lies with the customers. If you detect any suspicious activities on your account, you should inform us about it immediately. We will take measures and stop this activity and block the violator's account.